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Author: Nisar A. Memon

Tuesday / Mar 28, 2023 /

A call for UN Convention for River Deltas

Nisar A. Memon / WEF /

Monday March 20th, 2023 While UN conventions for climate change, desertification, wetlands and oceans are operational, a new UN convention on ocean facing river deltas is a concrete policy action outcome of this collaborative effort. The experts and panel discussants include stakeholders from the Nigerian Niger Delta, Indus, Mekong River, Colorado, Nile and St. Lawrence…

Sunday / Jan 31, 2021 /

We Call 2 Coastal Climate Action 2021

Nisar A. Memon / Uncategorized /

‘WE Call 2 Coastal Climate Action 2021’ virtual meeting was held today. Attended by Chief Secretary Sindh, DG ICIMOD, Country Representative IUCN, DG WWF-Pakistan, Sindh Coastal and Climate Secretary, FPCCI President representative and Chairman Water Environment Forum Pakistan were amongst the several speakers. Nisar A Memon, Chairman Water Environment Forum, Pakistan opened the meeting and…

Sunday / Jan 31, 2021 /

Coastal climate action 2021

Nisar A. Memon / articles /

FIRST year of the third decade of the 21st Century has begun with various challenges for the world, region and Pakistan. Global challenge of overcoming the Covid-19 has brought the world together in sharing information. The change of guard at the White House is expected to end the earlier isolationism of USA to join the…

Saturday / Aug 22, 2020 /

The success of Chinese policy against extremism in Xinjiang

Nisar A. Memon / News /

A webinar organized by Pak-China Center for Friendship and Cooperation, Islamabad on “The success of Chinese policy against extremism in Xinjiang ” dated August-20-2020 where Nisar A. Memon joined as a chief guest and addressed the participants on the great friendship between Pakistan and China.   Please Click the link below for detailed coverage. http://cpecinfo.com/cpec-to-bring-peace-and-prosperity-in-xinjiang/…

Saturday / Jul 11, 2020 /

Population management – need of the hour

Nisar A. Memon / articles /

Nisar A. Memon 11-July- 2020 – Pakistan Observer Pakistan entered decade of 2020 with a population of 207 million putting a huge demand on already scarce resources. While the new regime was struggling to find its feet on the ground comes the pandemic COVID-19 bringing death, disaster and economic hardships. Governance came to be tested…

Monday / Jul 06, 2020 /

Where do we Stand on Sustainable Development

Nisar A. Memon / articles /

Nisar A. Memon 06-July- 2020 – Pakistan Observer Time to reflect once again; where we stand in the comity of nations and where we are going. A debater can argue on both sides of the stage, a demagogue can harangue endlessly without substance, but the thinking people reflect in the context of security and sovereignty…

Monday / Jun 29, 2020 /

How the Legacy Lives

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Nisar A. Memon 29-June- 2020 – Pakistan Observer Pakistan is no exception where government leadership is out to justify their policies, programs and personal conduct, while opposition pointing out the weaknesses and flawed policies of government. The phenomenon is same in all Continents but with varying degrees and in different forms. Covid-19 is telling it…

Monday / Jun 22, 2020 /

Strengthen Institutions

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Nisar A. Memon 22-June- 2020 – Pakistan Observer COVID-19 has infected aver 8.7 million worldwide, with nearly half a million fatalities. Beijing has reported fresh outbreak and their leadership putting ‘wartime’ measures to contain the spread by enforcing strict lockdown and testing once again. Europe is opening up after huge loss of life and prolonged…

Monday / Jun 15, 2020 /

Sovereign Pakistan’s Budget

Nisar A. Memon / articles /

Nisar A. Memon 15-June- 2020 – Pakistan Observer Acute political confrontation of the decade, non adherence to Constitutional procedures, governance issues, absence of consensus on a national economic plan, mistrust in leadership, dependence on foreign financial and management support marred the 2020-2021 Budget like last budget, but to cap it all came Covid-19. The GDP…