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Introduction PLP

Please note: PLP program of expanding the program beyond what is described in these pages could not be continued after 2012. However, PLP Books ‘Rehnuma’ could be provided to those who wish to introduce them in their areas. Please send in your requests to: nisar@nisaramemon.pk  


Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) an initiative of Aamnat Foundation is a private sector project which aims to provide the basic support to education which can facilitate to eradicate illiteracy. The mission of PLP is to enable every adult learner and females in particular to acquire the necessary basic skills in reading, writing and do basic arithmetic by taking the first step in the journey towards becoming well-versed citizens


PLP aims to supplement existing efforts to eliminate illiteracy in Pakistan. PLP firmly believes in the power of literacy. PLP will supply books, training and guidance required to support the education setup in the country. PLP will contribute towards a progressive Pakistan by striving and opening new doors of literacy to uplift communities at large and helps people to be better citizens and create a more productive society.

Executive Committee
Literacy Definition
How can you help?

How Can You Help ?
Thank you for taking interest
You can help as Volunteer or in Funding.

Volunteer: Please indicate the city and locality where you would like to volunteer towards:

i)   Survey for PLP Literacy Centers.

ii)  Survey the teachers available to impart literacy from their

     own homes or nearby community center.

iii)  Motivate community to participate in PLP Literacy campaign

     by either coming or sending learners to acquire literacy.

iv)  In any way, you wish towards PLP objectives.

Funding:  If you wish to contribute funds or be part of team with innovative ideas to raise funds for PLP, please let us know.

PLP with provide all guidance, tools and support to you for effectively participating in this project as Volunteer Leader in area of you choice

Initiate PLP Program yourself: If you wish to start PLP program, please request for ‘Rehnuma” books and we shall be happy to share our experience with you. 
Do let us know your choices with all the details by:
email to: mail@plp.org.pk write to us at:
Aamnat Foundation, D-21, Block 4, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi, PAKISTAN


Survey form for Teachers


Survey form for Students


PLP attendance sheet


PLP Survey Form Initiative