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Karachi Rural Pilot Literacy Centers
Karachi rural areas of GADAP & Bin Qasim being the least developed areas were selected for pilot centers. A survey was conducted and 15 Literacy Centers were planned. Teachers’ training was provided to the selected teachers and teaching started on March 23, 2009 at homes of the teachers, whom we call Rehnuma.


The volunteerism was spearheaded by Shoukat Bizinjo, a professional from the area, the team successfully completed 12 Pilot Literacy Centers on 14th August. A Certificate Distribution Ceremony is planned for Oct 2, 2009 to present certificates to 276 successful learners based on the 4-month program for two hours daily where they learnt to read and write in Urdu and do basic arithmetic.

Karachi Coastal Ibrahim Hyderi Literacy Centers
Based on experience gained in pilot centers, we made coordinated efforts for planning the centers with a local organization Kalachi Social Viable Association ( KSVA )which conducted survey based on detailed forms designed by us. Based on survey, teachers training was held and 10 Literacy Centers with an enrollment of 225 learners commenced with a well attended ceremony at Ibrahim Haidry, attended by notables and local elected leaders of the area. (details of literacy centers by KSVA)
Aamnat Foundation now brings PLP Literacy to District Thatta
By the grace of Allah our plans to bring Aamnat Foundation literacy program to Thatta has seen the light of the day. With this, we have taken yet another step forward in our mission to spread literacy in under developed areas of Pakistan and to less privileged citizens.

Last year, we started 15 PLP Centers in Malir / Landhi area, followed by 11 in Ibrahim Haidri, Korangi. So far about 400 women have been made literate.


This year, we started with a difference! First, to improve the course quality, we decided to develop a new course and design our own books. Second, to improve our productivity and effectiveness, we opened Foundation’s field office and engaged a professional as against volunteers managing the PLP Centers. This new model, based on our last year’s experience, is being implemented in Thatta district.


Thatta is spread over an area of 17,355 km sq with a population reported in 2008 at 1,395,473 and population density of 80 people per sq kilo meter. Administratively, the district is divided into 9 Talukas (Tehsils), which are divided into 55 Union Councils (UCs). According to the Pakistan National Human Development Report 2003, Thatta stands 64th among 91 Districts (UNDP 2003) and one of its Taluka Mirpur Sakro was declared the most poverty ridden Taluka in District Thatta.


Aamnat Foundation’s Thatta district office is located in Gharo, a town of Taluka Sakro, situated close to historic site of Bhambore and we selected Mr. Habibullah Palijo, an educationist of the area, as our District Manager. In March/April, literacy need survey was conducted in UCs Dhabeji, Gharo, and Gujjo. Based on the survey and community meetings, to begin with, we are establishing 20 PLP Centers in these 3 UCs and have selected teachers from amongst the community of the locations of PLP Centers.


10th May 2010, a two day ‘Teach The Teachers’ training is being conducted by an experienced literacy trainer and 20 PLP Centers in Thatta will commence on 12th May for a period of 4 months followed by examination and award of Certificates to successful learners. Thus, about 500 learners will be able to read and write Urdu and do simple arithmetic to join the ranks of literate and empowered Pakistanis

Gilgit Baltistan Literacy Centers
Keen interest was shown by GB people in our program as such based on surveys conducted by volunteer leadership arrangements have been made for 10 Centers, 5 each in Gilgit and Baltistan. They shall commence after Ramzan with Teachers Training.
Karachi Rural Pilot Project by Mr Shoukat Bizinjo
A Visit of Karachi Rural Areas by Sayida Khadija
Islamabad Rural Literacy Centers
Based on survey, we planned 3 Literacy Centers in Mohra Noor and adjoining areas. Unfortunately lack of volunteerism from the residents of the area and resistance to women literacy only male center worked and that too after two months had to be closed due to absenteeism.
IDP Jalala Camp Literacy Centers
Aamnat Foundation offered a gift of Adult Literacy program to our brothers and sisters who had to unfortunately abandon their homes in Swat and who were forced to live as IDPs in camps and temporary locations.


Based on survey conducted in Jalala camp, we established five Literacy Centers  which successfully completed first of the four books. After commencement of these centers we distributed a pamphlet in Urdu to invite others to join the program and to encourage volunteerism we circulated English pamphlets also. These flyers can be seen here. (english flyer) (urdu flyer)


Fortunately because of improved law and order situation in Swat the IDPs started to return back to their homes, from Jalala camp, as such we had to close the Centers and our campaign for literacy in Mardan and Takht e Bai came to end.