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Tuesday / Mar 28, 2023 /

A call for UN Convention for River Deltas

Nisar A. Memon / WEF /

Monday March 20th, 2023 While UN conventions for climate change, desertification, wetlands and oceans are operational, a new UN convention on ocean facing river deltas is a concrete policy action outcome of this collaborative effort. The experts and panel discussants include stakeholders from the Nigerian Niger Delta, Indus, Mekong River, Colorado, Nile and St. Lawrence…

Saturday / Aug 22, 2020 /

The success of Chinese policy against extremism in Xinjiang

Nisar A. Memon / News /

A webinar organized by Pak-China Center for Friendship and Cooperation, Islamabad on “The success of Chinese policy against extremism in Xinjiang ” dated August-20-2020 where Nisar A. Memon joined as a chief guest and addressed the participants on the great friendship between Pakistan and China.   Please Click the link below for detailed coverage. http://cpecinfo.com/cpec-to-bring-peace-and-prosperity-in-xinjiang/…

Friday / Jun 05, 2020 /

Environment Day 2020

Nisar A. Memon / News /

Nisar A. Memon 05-June- 2020  Today – the 5th June is being observed as ‘Environment Day’ all over the world to create awareness and ensure actions are in place for the protection of the environment,” said Nisar A. Memon, former federal minister and senator, who recalled, ‘it started way back in 1972 by the United…

Sunday / May 31, 2020 /

Small restaurants need Government help

Nisar A. Memon / News /

Nisar A. Memon – Press Release 30-May-2020 Punjab government is reportedly allowed opening of the restaurants. Notwithstanding its impact on current Covid19 spread, the small restaurant owners are suffering two fold: one the loss of revenue the other burden of paying their staff for all these three months. In view of this, it is just…

Saturday / May 23, 2020 /

Our solutions are in nature

Nisar A. Memon / News /

Nisar A. Memon 23-May- 2020 – Pakistan Observer Former federal minister and Senator Nisar A Memon has reminded nation of International Day for Biological Diversity being e-observed in the world today – 22nd May. He said, ‘If we had recognized the importance of biological diversity, we would perhaps have avoided the loss of thousands of…

Thursday / Apr 23, 2020 /

Mother Earth Calling

Nisar A. Memon / Nisar /

23-April- 2020 – Pakistan Observer   “Mother Earth has pro“ vided us abode and everything we need to live but now asking us, specially the leadership, to let all its children breathe clean air, drink clean water, eat natural food that it grows in its womb,” said Nisar A. Memon, former federal minister and senator….

Thursday / Apr 16, 2020 /

Pakistan moving forward with unity

Nisar A. Memon / Nisar /

16-April- 2020 – Pakistan Observer   ISLAMABAD Jinnah’s Pakistan after treading the bumpy path in last few weeks has finally embarrassed the Quaid’s motto of ‘Unity’ with the decision of federal cabinet acceding to the urging of provinces to extend the lockdown up to 30th April,“ said Nisar A. Memon, former federal minister and senator…

Sunday / Apr 05, 2020 /

PLP Newsletter

Nisar A. Memon / PLP /

Wednesday / Dec 04, 2019 /

Nisar A. Memon Joins Seminar on ‘Water Conservation Methods’ at PIDE

Nisar A. Memon / News /

03-Dec-2019 – Pakistan Observer   Former Information Minister, ex-Senator and Chairman of “Water Environment Forum” Nisar A Memon on Tuesday urged the nation, the young and the old alike, to move forward and adopt as well as implement stringent measures of water conservation. “Water conservation is something we need to adopt and raise awareness about…

Friday / Jul 12, 2019 /

Related News Stories about University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Nisar A. Memon / News /

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