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August 1, 2017; Islamabad Nisar A Memon article in daily Pakistan Observer on Water Environment Security.

Water Environment Security


July 25, 2017; Nisar A Memon article published in daily Pakistan Observer on Agriculture main stay of our economy

Agriculture main stay of our economy

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July 2017; Karachi: Nisar A Memon speaks to SOUTHASIA monthly magazine on Kalabagh Dam.

SouthAsia July 2017 2pages

December 2016; Karachi:  Nisar A Memon writes on Future of Food Security in SOUTHASIA monthly magazine.

Southasia Nisar A Memon Article Dec 2016


November 2016; Karachi:  Nisar A Memon interviewed on Kashmir by SOUTHASIA monthly magazine

SouthAsia Nisar A Memon Interview Nov 2016


November 28, 2016; Peshawar:  Nisar A Memon at The National Conference on Thinking Climate Chnage Adaptation in Water and Farming with the theme of THINK_ADAPT at Climate Chnage Centre, University of Agriculture, Peshawar. 

Addressed on ‘Climate change impact on Water Governance & Security’



November 26, 2016; Islamabad:  Nisar A Memon at The International Association of Lions Clubs Islamabad on the occasion of Charter Presentation  Ceremony to Leo Club.


November 18, 2016; Faisalabad:  Nisar A Memon at International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan jointly organized by U.S. – Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Pakistan and University of California, Davis, USA. 

Addressed on “Need of LTRES* under Climate Change Scenarios.”

*Long Term Research Experiments


May 12th and 13th, 2016; Delhi: Attended Indo-Pak Track II Dialogue on Building Climate Resilience, Energy-Water Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction, organized by SDPI Pakistan and Development Alternatives India.

Both India and Pakistan are extremely vulnerable to climate change owing to their geographic location, large populations and low adaptive capacities. As a result of their vulnerability, they are already experiencing the negative impacts of climate change. These impacts are particularly stark in the context of water security, energy security and disasters caused by extreme weather events.  As more and more research emerges suggesting that the economic, social and environmental impacts of climate change in these areas could potentially be devastating, India and Pakistan are recognizing the importance of building their resilience to climate change.

Track II dialogue was organised to discuss what measures exist and could be taken by the two countries, both individually and collectively, to build climate change resilience. Based on two days discussions The Delhi Declaration was made.




Senator Nisar A Memon  meets Prof Jeffery Sachs and Chancellor & Vice Chancellor TERI University

Senator Nisar A Memon visited Delhi from 5-7 July, 2014 on the invitation of Vice Chancellor TERI University Dr. Leena Srivastava , to join the launch of Sustainable Development Solution Network. – South Asia. At the launch, he met Prof. Jeffery Sachs, Advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Chancellor TERI University Dr. Pachauri who is also the Director General of The Energy and Research Institute (TERI), Delhi. SenatorⓇ Memon was named as member of the Leadership Committee of South Asia SDSN.

Dr. Pachauri later invited him to the MOU signing ceremony between TERI and US Green Buildings Institue., Washington.

During the meetings he introduced WEF Pakistan and discussed avenues of cooperation with them in the area of Water Environment and the partnerships that can be forged with SDSN, SDSN-SA, TERI and TERI University.