The Indian intrusion into the international borders of Pakistan is condemnable and no sovereign country and people will accept this on any pretext. Indian must accept Pakistan as neighbor without its continued interference in its internal affairs by state sponsored terrorisms witnessed in Balochistan where it was caught red-handed.

This was stated by Nisar A Memon Federal Minister and Senator in a statement on Wednesday. The fact that Tuesday the Indian Air Force planes had to hastily retrieve back without causing any damage, speaks of their inability to stand the alert forces of Pakistan armed forces. Pakistan has the capacity and capability to respond to any aggression. We commend the Pakistan Air Force pilots to have defended our sovereignty against all aggression by shooting down this morning the two Indian Air Force planes and arresting the Indian pilot, he said.

He further added, “I join the people of Pakistan in condemning this act of hostility of India and ask them to be ashamed of plunging their country and the region in confrontation rather than working to improve the economic condition of their people living in abject poverty”.
He urges Muslim Ummah leadership to retrieve the invitation to Indian Foreign Affairs Minister forthwith to protect Muslim interests, specially the unarmed Kashmiris fighting for their liberation from the illegal occupation of heavily armed military machinery of India in occupied Kashmir.—PR